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ID 707453
item_title Report Developer
item_link http://www.cwjobs.co.uk/JobSeeking/Report-Developer_job80303691
item_desc You will be required to: Work with the IT team to provide the infrastructure to create SSRS reports. Work with the Report Writing Team to create SSRS reports and join data sets. The second aspect is to assist with the technical solution of migrating Finance data from Care First 6 to ContrOCC for Liquid Logic LAS. You will be required to: Work with Data Migration leads and Project Managers to develop detailed migration plans that work within the constraints of project/Programme. Develop DM team plans to specify, script, extract, transform and load the existing operational data from all in-scope sources into ContrOCC. Establish and create a structured process to document recording so that is business/audit compliant; business rules, specifications, mapping, picklists, issues found, cleansing version control and oversee the upkeep and adherence to these from all input/output channels. Key Skills * Data modelling, warehouse design, architecture and implementation * Design and development of Management Reports using various tools * Transactional database analysis, design, normalisation and performance tuning * Experienced ETL programming * Excellent T-SQL developer skills, including Stored procedures, Views, User Defined Functions and Triggers * Database performance tuning and optimisation * Ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines without losing focus Technical Skills * M ...
guid http://www.cwjobs.co.uk/JobSeeking/Report-Developer_job80303691
item_pubdate 02/03/2018
isExternal True
JobFeedType sql

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